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General Guidances


Keep up with the initial checklist to make sure the store is ready-to-go.

Account Management

See how to manage your own ShopBase accounts.

ShopBase Partners

Check out all information about ShopBase Partner program.

ShopBase Pricing

Get to know pricing on ShopBase and packages that ShopBase is offering.

Store Setup


Instructions to manage the Products section of ShopBase. You can view, add, update, and organize ...


Add apps for more features and external services on your store.


Make your store eye-catching and unique with different themes on ShopBase.


Find out the steps of getting paid by your customers, or the payment process on your store here.


A domain refers to the website name, URL, or the address customers can access your store.

Store Optimization

Dropshipping & POD Guides

Necessary guides to start and run your Dropshipping and POD Businesses


The most frequently asked questions about ShopBase

Improving SEO

You can use search engine optimization (SEO) to improve the search engine ranking for your store...