How to launch an online store with ShopBase?

Modified on: Thu, 18 Jul, 2019 at 1:46 PM

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Step 1: Create ShopBase account

Step 2: Organize the store 

Step 3: Test how it works

Step 4: Publish the store 

Step 1: Create ShopBase account

- If you are new to ShopBase, click here to create an account. If you already had a ShopBase account, log in your account here. A new account will receive an verified email on your mailbox.

- After that, let's create a store by entering the store name you want to use. The ShopBase domain will have the format:

select shop

- Entering your physical address so you can get paid:


Done! Now let's explore the store and see how it look!

Step 2: Organize the store

Let's set up a beautiful store and fill it with your products.

Initial set-up checklist:

  1. Choose a theme that matches your store
  2. Add your products with product details.
  3. Arrange the products into separate collections
  4. Add shipping and tax policy from Settings tab
  5. Enable a payment provider
  6. Set up Email notifications
  7. Double-check the default currency and Default weight unit
  8. Double-check your domain

Step 3: Test how it works   

Testing by performing those actions by yourself to see if everything works smoothly:

  1. Placing a test order
  2. Testing the shipping settings to see if the calculation is accurate.
  3. Testing the email notification.

Step 4: Publishing the store

After everything is ready, please take down the password on the Preferences section from your Admin. After that, your store will become accessible to all visitors.

Congrats! Above are all necessary works and your store is good to go now. 

Meet us via our contact line or submit a support tickets whenever you need.

ShopBase team.

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