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Modified on: Fri, 16 Aug, 2019 at 9:35 AM

ShopBase will help you create the product feeds then you can use the feed on other Shopping channels.

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A. Create product feeds with ShopBase

B. Add product feeds to shopping channels

A. Create product feeds with ShopBase

1. Go to ShopBase Admin>> Products >> Product feeds >> Add product feed.

2. Fill all necessary fields and create the feed.

- You can name the feed according to the format Collection name - Product Feed. 

- With Google product category, you will need to set gender and Age group.


  • After being created, you product feeds will be automatically updated every 2 hour.
  • The link will be the same and can be used for both Google and Facebook channels. 
  • ShopBase supports adding tag for fields of product with template feed-{field}-{Value} to override the default value. 

B. Add product feeds to shopping channels

After creating the product feeds, you can add them to Google Merchant Center or Facebook Business Manager accordingly to your preference. Check out our guide to verify your ShopBase website on Google Merchant Center.

If you need our assistance with the steps, don't hesitate to shoot an email

ShopBase team.

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