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The Overview dashboard displays total sales, conversion rate top products of your store. It will allow you to have a glance at how your store is performing for any date range. 

The dashboard shows the most valuable metrics, including numeric format graphs, by which it can give you insight into your store's performance. 


  1. From your ShopBase admin, go to Analytics =>> Overview dashboards. By default, the dashboard shows data for today compared to yesterday.
  2. If you want to see data for another date range, click the date menu and choose a date range. You can select a preset range, such as Last 7 days, or you can set a custom range by clicking dates on the calendars.
  3. If you want to see comparisons with the previous period or to the same date range from the previous year, check Compare to previous dates. 
  4. Click Apply.

The following metrics are shown in the Overview dashboard


What it shows

Total sales

Shows the sales amounts, calculated by Net sales + Taxes + Shipping.

Online store conversion rate 

Shows the percentage of sessions that lead to an order. 

Buyers have to add items to their shopping cart and then go to checkout page before they can purchase these items: 

  • Sessions: A session ends after 30 minutes of no activity, and at midnight UTC. 

  • Added to cart: Number and percentage of sessions in which shoppers added one or more items to their online carts.

  • Reached checkout: Number and percentage of sessions in which shoppers did all of the following steps: added one or multiple items to their shopping cart, proceeded to checkout page, entered their contact information (including their names, addresses, and so on), and then submitted the information.

  • Sessions converted: Number and percentage of sessions in which shoppers added one or multiple items to their shopping carts, proceeded to checkout page, and purchased the items. Note that this amount might not match your order count, because buyers can place different orders within one session. 

In overall, you would need to set up your offers and marketing strategy in a way that a greater percentage of shoppers who have already added an item to their cart actually end up with a purchase of that item. 

Top products by units soldShows the best-sellers of your store. This could become really handy for marketing and inventory purposes. You can also suggest these items to new customers or use them in advertisements on social media.  

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