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Modified on: Wed, 19 Jun, 2019 at 5:49 PM

Roller is a free theme on ShopBase. This theme is incredibly flexible and sophisticated that will make your shop as stunning as it is fast.

In the Theme settings, you can control the colors and typography showing on your storefront. 

On this page:

A. Change the typography

B. How typography display on your store

A. Change the typography

1. From your ShopBase admin, select Online Store > Themes.

2. Beside Roller, choose Customize.

3. Next to Sections tab, click Settings.

4. Select Typography.

5. For each content type, select the settings. Click Save to confirm your change.

B. How typography display on your store

1. Headings: Font, Style, Base Size and Capitalize text

The settings will be applied on Homepage, Logo text, Headings of each section on Homepage apart from Newsletter, Collection list and Collection detailed page, My Account page, Sign-in & Sign-up and Password pages.

2. Body Text: Font, Style and Base Size

3. Button Text: Font, Style, Base Size and Italicize

If you need our assistance with the steps, don't hesitate to shoot an email. We are here to help!

ShopBase team.

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