How to show customers' reviews on the store?

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This guide will help you to show your customers' reviews on your store by using an additional and free app:

On this page:

A. App installation

B. Set-up guide on your store

A. App installation

1. Go to app on ShopBase App store. Select Add App. 

Add app

2. You are directed to app permissions page. Click Install app to continue.

3. When the installation finished, Review Widgets will be automatically applied into your store. You can customize it more with these settings below:

B. Setup guide on your store

On your dashboard, you will find 4 setup steps suggested by team 

Customize Review Widget

Customize or eliminate many element of your review widget and make it look trust-worthy or eye-catching. They include colors, message content, reviews and reviewers' information, review form's settings, review follow-up emails. Just click Customize Widget button to start your work.

On the left of the review widget page, you may also select to adjust Installation, Widget Themes, Widget Design, Review Curation, and Widget Addons. 

Import Existing Reviews

With, you can import your reviews on other stores, or existing reviews of the products on Ecommerce platforms like AliExpress. The file can be under CSV, XLS, or XLSX format. In case you want to import directly to, you can collect and prepare them as a file with provided format.

Check out the Import/Export Q&A section in case you need further support.

Request reviews from customers

Your customers might need a little push to send you a review, and you can do it by setting up requests or reminders for them. In this section, you may set up the Timing and Format, Conditions, Email Templates, Admin Notifications, SMS Request.

Discover what else you can do

When you finished the 3 steps above, Discover All button will expand all other suggestions that helps you maximize features on your store. It might take you some time to work with them, but their functions will pay off. 

If you need any assistance, meet us via our contact line or submit a support tickets now. Our team will be right here to help.

ShopBase team.

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