Add promo code to your shop

Modified on: Mon, 24 Jun, 2019 at 2:57 PM

When you get a promo/discount code for your ShopBase store, you should add them soon before it expires. The steps to add code is very simple, which you can check out below.


1. Login to your account on ShopBase. Select the shop you want to add code to.

2. Visit Settings > Account. On this page, go to Account Overview section. 

If your free trial hasn't finished, click Select a plan at the top left of your ShopBase admin.
You can skip step 3 and continue to step 4.

3. Choose your current plan or a new plan to continue.

4. Fill in your payment information. At the Review your subscription box on the right, write your code in the Discount box.

5. When the code is added successfully, the Price and charge information will be updated. Below is an example:

If you need our assistance with the steps, don't hesitate to shoot an email. We are here to help!

ShopBase team.

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