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Modified on: Fri, 19 Jul, 2019 at 4:05 PM

On Roller theme, if a product has multiple menus, they may show all variant combinations even if they are unavailable. For example:

You may want the values in the second drop-down (Size) to be updated to list only available combinations with their first selection. 

For example: hide the S size when customers check Red color since it is out-of-stock:

Link Product Option can help.

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A. Set up Link product option on Roller theme

B. Notes

A. Set up Link product option on Roller theme

1. Go to Online Stores >> Themes >> Customize

2. Choose Settings >> Product Grid

3. Scroll down >> tick Link product options, only show available combination

B. Notes

1. Variants can be shown as drop-down or button style. Check Options style on the same Product Grid setting page:

2. This works from top to bottom, the amount of variant types is not limited. In the example above, Color is the top - the first variant and Size is the second one.

If you need our assistance with the steps, don't hesitate to shoot an email. We are here to help.


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